Printing Raw EPL on the LP2844 from a Mac or Linux

This is mostly a list for my own purposes, but I got a Eltron/Zebra LP2844 to print raw files generated on my Mac to send over USB.

First, you need to find the device URI:

Add the printer to CUPS, accept, and enable it:

(cupsaccept is for Mac, “accept” works on all other flavors of UNIX.)

Try a test:


If you are just on Mac, you can actually add it through the System Preferences. Add the EPL printer via Print & Scan, click the plus to add the printer, click on the printer, and search and select EPL2 as the driver.

To print raw EPL commands, first find the command line name of the printer. List all printers via this command:

If Zebra_LP2844 was the printer you just added, then use this command to print: