What I had to do to resize my Boot Camp Partition:

I heard iPartition was great, so I went to try it. Here’s what I did:

  • Needed a DVD, so I looked forever to find one.
  • Remembered that blank DVDs where in my car, went and got one.
  • Burned the iPartition boot DVD.
  • It didn’t work.
  • Burned it again.
  • Didn’t work.
  • I realized it might not have drivers for my new iMac, so I tried copying my /System/Library/Extentions over to the DVD, burned another one.
  • It didn’t work either.
  • I realized I could use my iBook instead while my iMac was in target disc mode.
  • Except my iBook would let me put in the DVD I burned. There appeared to be something jamming it. (WTF?)
  • So I tried a credit card to unblock it, no dice.
  • I had to open up my iBook, but I needed a smallish Allen wrench to open it. I looked everywhere.
  • I realized that it too, was in my car, so I went to go get it.
  • I took my iBook apart.
  • I took the Combo Drive apart. The disc let me put it in, no clue why. I guess it wanted some fresh air inside?
  • Put the iBook half-way back together, except I forgot to connect the Combo Drive up again.
  • Took it apart, hooked up the Combo Drive, and then put the iBook back together again.
  • Booted the iBook with the iPartition boot disc. (It worked fine.)
All-in-all iPartition is a pretty nice program to resize your Boot Camp partition. Getting to the program was a total pain in the ass.